vrijdag 6 april 2012


I have returned from the bloggingbreak.

Now it is my challenge to not let it fall again or to throw any of my stuff away, which I'm tempted to do because the past sounds awkward and embarassing to me. Such a doubtful way to behave. I'm about to do no more of that.

Nope, cause today is the day that things will be different from now on. My life has been turned upsidedown and went in corkscrew kind of roads. The ride was enough. I'm seeing things clearer now.

I moved in with my boyfriend and I'm only one ride from having all my stuff over. Unluckily my wallet was stolen so I have to get my driving license back first. Although, I will give all my goodies a new home and I have cleaned up some areas already and it somehow clears my head up too.

Meanwhile I'm trying to learn how to walk in ten inch high heels, gathering an outfit for an Easter familydinner this Sunday and preparing for my new study...

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