vrijdag 20 september 2013


I saw this black fake leather strap top at Romwe by LeHappy, and I thought maybe this is an easy DIY, for you can adjust it to your own size. I'm thinking of doing one, though I still had the idea for the dipdye fringe shirt and skirt, but I found a shirt at H&M, although it was nog dipdyed I still loved it.
I combine it with an armygreen jacket with black sleeves and a cross necklace from Fashionology. Maybe I'll post an outfit sometime. :)
Anyway, lots of ideas for DIYs and stuff, but bringing them into practice is another. Tomorrow I think I'll try and cut my own hair again. I've done this once with help of my sister. I have layered hair and I just put in a ponytail and cut it like that, so the layers will be there. It's very easy and you won't see very clearly you've cut it yourself. But I think I want to try a different way this time.

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